Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I scored a bunch of nos front brake cables this summer. They are very nice. I used one on John's 48.

My dad is heavy into building motors. We like to use truett and osbourne wheels when original wheels are worn out or un usable for some other reason. They usually need a few balance holes, my dad turns them on the lathe to get some of the weight out of them and reduce balance holes.

With that little bit of material taken out of the fly wheel , you need minimal balance holes. Check it out both of these wheels balanced with only one hole. My dad has things figured out.

I spent the day trimming out Johns Tanks and making all of the wires work. I am going to have to change the socket on the oil pressure light in the dash. I also got the seat t sorted out and installed


  1. Are these Torque Monsters ? How much weight is Carl removing ?

  2. I think that it is 300pounds and over it(correct me, if i am wrong). Glad to read that you have scored bunch of nos brake. I have scored only three brakes in six months.