Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mega post

I took John's 48 for a ride today. This bike is very nice and fun to ride. It needs a little bit of adjusting. I need to center the front brakes and adjust the seat post up a bit.


John's 48 in motion

This is Bob's 40 frame. It needs new bottom tubes and a seat post. It was an uncut frame until this weekend.
Typical crack

This is Tim's 42 frame. He went boulder hopping with it and busted it to pieces.

It had the seat post repaired previously. I think the old repair was with nickle rod, It busted right through the center of the weld.


There is some really weird history with this back bone. THe tube is very flat on the side. It makes me nervous, so we cut it out.

It is difficult to photograph.

More nickle rod repair on the down tubes on Tim's frame.

And the other side

This is the tube underneath the motor mount. This is the wrong application for nickle filler rod.

this tube will be replaced as well

Dan was cutting up one of the 36 frames that we have to retube and complained about the smell of the tube. Once he got the frame apart this little mouse head fell out of the tube. This little guy got lodged into the left down tube on a 36 knucklehead frame. Man o mah.

This is most of the mouse laid out on the operating table. what a terrible way to die.

Here is Delmars frame on the operating table.

Here is Delmar's 45 frame ready for sandblasting.

we cut up eight frames this weekend. it was nice to work on them out side in nice weather. Now we have to prep all the castings and put them back together. woo hoo

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  1. Matt, I am excited to see that you cut up our '42 frame this weekend. Until the boulder abruptly stopped us last year I didn't think that I would feel that way. Riding two up on a '50 WL Bobber isn't quite like a '42 UL.