Saturday, December 31, 2011

making stuff fit

I spent most of the day sorting out parts from all over the world and making them fit together. Here is the rear brake drum for the 47 that we are building for Glen in PA. It has a sleeve that is precision honed for bearings to fit into, the only problem is that the sleeve did not fit over the corresponding nub on the hub and it was out of round from not being properly honed.
So I bolted it to the table of the mill and co axed in the hole down towards the center of the race because it was more round.. If you get in a rush to hone out holes they can bell mouth and not be concentric.


after I got the brake drum to fit on the hub, I found out that the axle would not fit through the hollow axle. At first I thought it might be plating build up on the axle so I diamond lapped it, but it still wouldn't fit through the hole.

So I went to the trusty sunnen pin hone. I did not have any standard length arbor, so I used the little blind hole one. It worked well.

Here is a blurry picture of it all put together. We still have some cool plans for the brake drum and backing plate, but it is set up well enough to start on the frame.

My dad is just about done with this show motor. Man this thing glows.

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  1. Awesome work man...well done.