Tuesday, December 27, 2011

misc pictures.

Here is a 1958 motor that my dad just finished up for a customer in Las Vegas. He inherited the motor from a relative and had it rebuilt by a harley shop that set all of the clearances up like an evolution motor and messed up the finishes. He sent it to us to go through and sort out for him. It turned out really nice. and will last a long time.
Here is a picture of the shiny chrome and polished 49 pan shovel motor that my dad is putting together for a show bike in Wisconsin.

This is a valve travel indicator for shovelheads, I had never seen one of these used before. It is kind of a cool tool. Itook a few pictures so you guys could see it too. The dial is set to zero and then the allen screw is turned in until the coils bind on the valve spring, this tells you how much the valve will open

Here is a picture of the spring completely compressed. The dial indicator moved .650 of an inch

More 58 engine photos.

The other side of LV58

Here is my friend Sean's frame, it needed the lower tubes replace because of cracking, so we cut them out.

Here is the front motor mount and footboard tabs from Sean's frame

and the prettiest parts washer in the world.

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  1. Ha! I wonder how long that motor ran with Evo piston clearances?!? About 2 minutes and then a SQUEAK!