Saturday, December 3, 2011

55 detail pictures

Dan and I started pulling the motor out of the 55 today. This is the original paint original owner 55 that was dropped off at our shop to be mechanically gone through. The bike is very nice and has barely had any work done to it. I tried to take a picture of the torch welds on the smallest parts of the tanks in this picture. There is also some light rippling where the sheet metal shrinks down when it is formed in the die. This is a pretty neat feature that is evident on most original paint bikes.

I am not sure why i took this picture, but there are some cool details in it. The clip on the seat post is the later style, I am not sure when hd switched. It only has one hump for the wires to go through and it is centered with the openings on the other end of the clip. It is also cad plated, earlier clamps are parkerized.

55 only intake manifold clamps!!!!!!

Here is the inside of the primary cover. This is the only 55 style primary cover that I have seen with out the inspection plug by the engine sprocket. Have any of you guys ever seen one of these. The bike did not have a compensator sprocket, which seems kind of odd. Please chime in with any info if you have it.

The wheel is pushed all the way back, the chain is still super loose and grimy. this bike was ridden hard and put away in a dirt shed for 30 years. I am glad that we are going to go through it and clean it up before firing it up. I would hate to damage good parts because of nastiness being built up inside of the motor or trans.

The front motor mount bolt had a cotter key in it, the back motor mount bolts had flex lock nuts on them as did the transmission plate to frame nuts.


  1. Matt, 55 FL's did not have a compensating sprocket, and therefore would not have had the hole for greasing. 56 was the first year the compensating sprocket was part of the accessory groups. Dave Swanson

  2. Yes, I have a 55 primary with out hole as well I also wondered and here is my answer!! thanks
    myk roc