Friday, December 16, 2011

more discovered motor bikes, exhaust pictures, and 65 pics

My friend Greg called the shop the other day to talk about the cool 39 that he just bought in southern Ohio from the second owners family. They had owned the bike since 40 or 41. The bike was repainted/ mildly restored in the seventies. Which is a bit of a bummer. Check out how nice the bags and seat are!!!! holy cow this bike is so neat. Greg got on the list for the next batch of mufflers, I am honored that a muffler that we make will be on such a cool and amazing bike.

This has the later 39 chain guard and transmission case. The grips, gas caps, paint and mirrors were changed, but other than that the bike is untouched. It makes me so happy to know that bikes are still out there and being pulled out of sheds and barns.

What a great layer of dust. This bike had a big windshield and leg shields on it at one time. Congrats Greg, I am happy for you.

Chris Heir came out to take some fancy magazine pictures of Jim's 39. It is supposed to get up to 36 degrees on Sunday, so hopefully I can take this bike for a spin.

I am starting final assembly on Jason's 65. Here is a picture of it before I put the transmission in it.

Dun dun dun! There are a lot of pieces to this thing. I like the challenge, it is going to be a king of the highway cool motorcycle. I have to do a really good job on this bike because the owner is going to be the pastor at our wedding. lol

Yesterday, my dad and I picked the exhaust up for some bikes from the painter. We ceramic paint them and the paint works pretty well and has a good shine to it.

Check it out! I love putting pipes on bikes.

Wayne's 46 with painted pipes on it!

Exhaust installed on Vern's bike! I dropped the sheet metal off for this bike a few days ago, it is going to be skyway blue and I would like to put blue emblems on it. Big wheels keep on turning


  1. Hey Matt

    Was looking over your site, and the blog. The '65 photos peaked my interest as I've just completed a '65 restoration myself, actually Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fab did the work.

    Anyway to the chase, since the engine tranny are still exposed on your effort. I'm very interested to see if the oil returned nipple was stepped, in that it is made of of one piece or two.

    Curious how common this was on '65 and what SN's it's found on. Assuming your engine was original, etc.

    The nipple with the red rubber cap in the photo - look close at the base. It's actually made of two parts. My engine/bike was original. I.E. - was never pulled from the frame or rebuilt.

    Anyway '65 is full of all kind of interesting little mid year in flight changes. Curious to watch how yours comes along.


  2. Here's a better photo:

    AMCA #7140

  3. Outstanding treatment which you did have with this bike. Big tires and spot color makes it more catchy. I have got one old bike deal. I wish that i will modify it as well.