Wednesday, December 28, 2011

misc 46 pictures

I got the rear chain and brake on Wayne's 46, it turned out good. With that stuff sorted out I was also able to finish up the foot boards. I am going to bolt down the top motor mount and trim the tanks today

These buddy seat pegs were only used on 43-46 bikes and are really rare. Because of material shortages during the war, rubber and other materials were difficult to obtain for manufacturing stuff, so HD and other manufacturers used plastic, synthetic rubber and or completely eliminated rubber from parts. They used steel foot board mats and knurled steel buddy seat pegs. these things are so cool and I have wanted to put a set on a bike for a long time. I have been buying them up since I was 15, so some how i ended up with a few sets.

And the other side. I have to parkerize the clutch pedal for this bike still.


  1. Matt I have a set of those medal buddy seat pegs for my early 47 knuck. Do you think they might be correct for a low vin 47 with metal footboard mats?

  2. Hi Matt, I'm fitting buddy pegs (and seat) to my '47 but can't get the rear pegs mounted because they foul on the brake rod. I know its an easy fix but what is 'correct'? Did HD make a different rod, do you re-bend the existing rod or make a new one? Cheers Ian