Friday, December 30, 2011

NOS 65 mufflers and tank trimming

some nos mufflers showed up from our friend John today.

oooo ahhh. These are for Jason's 65.

Here is the seam on the bottom.

both halves of the fin are spot welded together before they are chrome plated.

I spent the morning trimming out Wayne's 46 tanks. Here is the tank before i started.

Emblem is mounted. 41 to 46 harley tanks only have the trim strips primered, they were masked off before the tank was painted.

Here it is with the trim strips clipped on. I like to get them started, then tap them off with a rubber hammer, it is a really intense experience. Hitting a perfectly painted tank with a rubber hammer is not my idea of a fun Friday afternoon.

It is pretty difficult to resist putting the tanks on the bike to see what it looks like after they are trimmed out. I love the black shift gate and lever. This bike is very dark and detailed out.

and the other side. This bike should be done shortly.


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  2. If that isn't the coolest knuck I have ever seen! I want one! I am building one!Now I have serious questions!
    (Matt-I left you a PM on the AMCA forum)

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