Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back from a 2600 mile trip and a week on the road

Miss Brittney and I went to Minneapolis to build a custom frame, pick up a batch of parts, drop off a paint job and pick one up, then we went to Indiana, then Illinois then back to Minneapolis, and back home. It was a whirl wind adventure and it feels good to be back home working in the shop. I took a couple hundred pictures, and will post some over the coming months. Here is a picture of miss Brittney by the Ohio river in Indiana.

Here is the frame before we put it together.

We worked on it with our good friend Chad Pearson from Pearson Customs. it is quite a bit different from a stock frame, so we used his adjustable custom jig for building chopper frames. The frame we built has pretty much stock dimensions, but all of the tubing and other pieces were different.

After Chads, we went down south to a surprise birthday party for our friend Doug. Scott and Brooke came up from Kentucky to hang out. I got to ride the 29 jd and the blue 46, they were both really nice running bikes. Scott rode one of Doug's 36s. I took this picture of him leaving the garage.

Here is number 5. I love seeing this bike whenever I am in town.

After the surprise birthday we went up to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa to pick up a 28 jd. The museum is truly overwhelming. I went to the grand opening two years ago and it was awesome then. In the year and a half since I last visited, the place has filled up with bikes, memorabilia and tons of stuff. You could get lost in that place. John has a motor wall with all sorts of motors from the teens all the way through the mid fifties. This was the only one that really caught my eye because I had no idea what it was. It looks European, but I have no idea, can any of you guys fill me in?

Here is a cool comet bike next to some other wild teens and pre teens motorcycles. John has so many off brand bikes, whenever I leave that place, I walk away with some cool tid bit of information about old motorcycles. Go there and check it out if you are ever in the Midwest.

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  1. The "Sand Flea" came out of the H-D dealer in my town...somebody beat me to it...