Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snow pictures and misc. pics

It finally looks like winter in south Dakota. We got four inches of snow and it feels great. We had unusually high temperatures in December and most of January. There was even a day when the temperature was 60 degrees in January, my dad was able to take his o.p. 41 for a ride. This is unheard of for most everyone that calls the Midwest home.

I am working away on Vern's primaries.

My dad has been working on this 47 bottom end this week. It was put together previously with big intake valves and a few issues. We took it apart and checked it all out.

Here is the bk 47 motor almost finished. It is coming together nicely and should be done soon.

Here is a picture of a clutch pedal that is worn down. I built it up with weld and re staked it, but didn't take any pictures. whoops

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