Wednesday, January 25, 2012

trimmed out tanks!

Last night Miss Brittney and I trimmed out Vern's tanks for his 46. The emblems are new old stock and fit the tank perfectly. The emblems are just a shade lighter than the sky way blue. Which gives it a really nice contrast. When I was 15, I bought every color of new old stock war time emblem from Frank Fritz at Davenport. I bought one at a time over the course of the weekend. I still have them in my tool box.

This is probably my least favorite part of restoring a bike.

And the other side!!!! Man oh man this bike is slick.

Miss Brittney bought these old card organizers for the shop last week, so we made up a angle iron cage to hold them together. I welded some tabs with holes on it, so it can be bolted to the bottom of the work bench. SPACE MANAGEMENT!!!!

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