Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pictures from the last week

I got back from north dakota a little bit ago., I went up to work on a frame welding fixture at my friend Delmar's. It is too complicated to go into detail and I took over 50 pictures of the entire process, Check out the pics below to see it. Basically the transmission is fixed in place and the axle plates and motor can be moved up down forward and backwards. The neck, axle stays, motor and transmission and motor will be in line with in .003 of an inch with the adjustablity in mind. This is a welding fixture for the frames that we retube and will make the process a lot quicker and more efficient.

Check out the ribbed float bowl, have you guys ever seen one of these???/

Here are some shots of the fenders for the 55 that we are working on. This isn't the original paint one, it is a restored bike.

We still have some final welding and machining to do, Ihope you like the pics, they are pretty detailed and if you are a machinest, I am sure you will aprreciate them. Have a great day.

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  1. Matt are those real knuckle frame plans ? id love a set for making my own frame jigs , just finished my frame table ,.....DEAN