Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here is a picture of little daisy eating with Duke. He is dangerous, but Daisy is fearless and dangerous because she is twice as tough and dangerous as duke.

check out what is left of the metal shield on the ball bearing on BB55's transmission. This thing was run with out any oil for quite a while. I will post a video showing the insane amount of radial and end play on the shaft later.

Miss Brittney is prepping pan covers and rocker blocks for a 55 motor today. Quite a bit of sanding, straightening and arm work is involved.

I am working on front brakes on the two 46s. Check out the early narrow slot handle on Wayne's 46. The cable will get more of a curve in it once the inner cable is in and adjusted.

Last night I installed some air cleaner tags before I went home.

These are zinc tags with big diameter flat rivets. HD used nickle plated brass tags and tall headed/domed rivets on air cleaner tags up through sometime in 43.

And another picture of the dangerous dog and miss Brittney

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  1. Good thing she is holding him back, or he might attack the camera. By the way thank you for all of your informative posts, your Blog is extremely fascinating and helpful.