Wednesday, February 15, 2012

all sorts of stuff

My dad is almost finished up with Bob's 52 engine. It just needs the intake manifold installed then it is off to the left side of the country.

Here is a chunk of aluminum with some eighth inch holes in it.

oh cool, you can use those holes to make choke rods.

I asked miss Brittney what she wanted to do for Valentines day a couple weeks ago and she told me that she wanted to learn how to weld aluminum, so we spent some helmet time together and she got to learn and practice aluminum heliarc welding.

Here is one of her practice pieces. She still has a ways to go, but it is pretty good for a first effort

I am working on dashes and front brakes today. My flash is messed up on my camera, but you get the idea. HD switched to cad plated cat eye lens bezels sometime in 46.

Jason's white solo seat showed up in the mail today. Chuck and Jo always do a good job, so I just decided to leave it in the bubble wrap until we were ready for it.. I am so scared to get it dirty.

Here is the bottom of the seat. We are going to leave it in the bubble wrap until we are absolutely ready to put it on the bike. I am scared to even look at it lol

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