Friday, February 17, 2012

46, 38, cat poop and gas valves

I hooked up the front brake on Vern's 46 this morning. It works really nice. I love seeing bikes down on the ground and off of the lift, they look like real bikes. There is still a bit of work to do, but it is in striking distance. I love how this bike turned out and can't wait to ride it.

My dad installed one of the peak tips onto our new gas valves. They work really well. You barely have to turn them in and they seal up.

You always have to do the suck test on valves, or any type of needle and seats.

Here is close up shot of the shutoff assembly hanging from my top lip. The only thing holding it on is suction.

Tim stopped by today to check stuff out. We were looking at the thirty eight and decided to mount the front fender. I am amazed at how long 37s and 38s look because of the pinstriping on the sides of the fenders. WOO hoo for hollywood green 38s.

I noticed that my dad has been smoking lately, so I raided his fresh pack of cigarettes while he was in the bathroom today. Here they are. I hate it when my dad smokes, so I try to sabotage his efforts when ever I get the chance.

I made a trip over to the shop cat's litter box and replaced the cigarettes with an amount of cat poop that weighed about the same. lol. He called me twenty minutes after leaving work and said that his cigarettes were difficult to light.

DISCLAIMER-- Do not bum my dad any cigarettes.


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