Tuesday, February 7, 2012

engraving tools, motors and clutches

Delmar sent me this picture of the neck fixture, he used his awesome new engraving tool on it. It is an insert tool that holds a little diamond shaped insert that cuts the finest lines and doesn't leave a bur. It is pretty sweet. I can't believe how cool modern day tooling for machining centers is.

We got our first seat from Jordan at union speed and style. It turned out really nice. I sent him the original 46 seat that was on our original paint 46 that crashed this summer. He took the original seat apart and made vacuum forms of the leather and padding. It produces a really nice and consistent finished product.

Here is Bob's motor. the carb is a donor m35 that we put on so that we could put the manifold on. His hardware is off getting cad plated.

Bob's 47 oil pump. The little bolt for the oil pump is off getting cad plated along with his carb stuff. I love how nice the case castings look on early motors. they are so beautiful.

I got this clutch pedal and rod hooked up. woo hooo. I should be firing this bike up soon!!!!!

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