Monday, February 27, 2012

some fremont pictures

Fremont was a blast. We got to meet up with a bunch of old friends, talk about bikes, projects and parts. The 39 and 48 both got junior firsts, so that is good. There were 35 bikes for judging which seemed like a really big turn out. Everyone had a great time. Here is a photo of a nice 46 that my friend Rusty took. This bike was really spot on.

Rich Shultz inducted my dad into the knights of the Brown Cotton Glove club, so now I can't give him a hard time about not being a member. My dad said "I have to respectfully decline", to which Rich replied-- " you don't have any respect" Rich is pretty sharp at the comebacks. haha.

Here is a neat jd that my friend Scott built.

Here is Gene's 1919 excelsior, This bike is primo.

The company that owned the rights to internal cable system leased the rights to use them. Excelsior and Indian didn't want to pay the licensing fees, so they just used these crazy linkage set ups for a while, but eventually came around and started using inner and outer cables.

This was a pretty neat bike. Most of it is original pain, but some of it was faked to match the other parts.

This was a pretty crazy bike built by the late Herb Ottoway for his son Jerry in 1949. Jerry used to race it around in the 125cc outlaw class when he was a teenager. Check out the dual exhaust ports, magnesium cylinder fins, huge amal carb and custom made dual plug head. The frame and fork are made out of 4130 aircraft tubing and is light enough to lift with one finger. Herb made a six cylinder four cylinder which i got to ride when I was 18, it ran perfectly. He was a genius and showed world war two mechanics how to weld. He could weld seven different types of metal.

Jerry said that this bike would run 80 miles an hour and that he won 75 percent of the races he entered with it. There was some European race bike that beat him back then. He offered to let Brittney race it at Davenport and Wauseon, she wants too, but we have to check to see if they allow bikes that run on fuel in the two stroke race class.

This was a wild cut down pair of Hollywood bars that were for sale.

Check out this primo original paint 12 single.

This is a 20 or 21 blanked off racing excelsior that just got the motor rebuilt. Gene told me that this was a prototype that Maldwyn Jones raced. After the factory saw how well it worked, they made two more bikes the following year. The cases are special as is the cylinder, mag and carb. It has big valve flywheels and a special piston.

Here are two pictures of Maldwyn with the bike. It is pretty amazing. Very short coupled and dangerous looking. Gene fired it up at the meet. It was very loud and sounded mean as hell

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  1. I went last year - good meet. It's great to have a cool dad . . .