Sunday, February 12, 2012

JM 52 pan motors and batch of heads

Jim's fenders showed up on Friday. They are perfect.

My dad said he had to put the back one on to see how it looked. I will bolt it up for good sometime this coming week. I have to put a black painted oil tank base plate on it, HD didn't start parkerizing them until sometime in 1939.

Last week my dad made some progress on Jim's 52 motor last week. Here is the bottom end coming together.

cylinders installed.

This is the letter that came along with the engine. I love the "I'm looking to be able to ride this machine for 100 miles in a day with complete dependability and smooth operation, Haven't had that for some time. That's why I'm sending it to you. " What a great line.

Miss Brittney and my dad worked on these six sets of heads over the time that I was up north. All of the seats, and valve guides have been installed. All of the welding has been completed at this stage. (new exhaust ports, fins, misc cracks. intake port threads, etc...)

Here are five sets of alloy heads with the valves installed.

And Jim's 52 motor. This is coming along nicely.

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  1. Ditto on that 100 miles of dependability thing. I found the last part I need, a kicker gear, in Australia and now am working on final assembly of my 1916 X motor. I'm just flushing out the lower end and trying it as is. Time travel in progress. Thanks, Paul