Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fremont booty

Here is the booty that we got at fremont. Every AMCA swapmeet has it's own personality, some are just for shopping while others are just for getting together with your friends and talking about old bikes and shooting the breeze. Fremont is some where in between. There are a few vendors with a huge variety of parts for sale. I saw parts for German, English and a four different American brands at the meet. We are always working on all sorts of different bikes so we have a big shopping list and can usually find something to use on different bikes. Here are some of the parts we scored. I also got a 41 to 46 tank that I forgot to take pictures of.

Check out the neat riser set up and 65 to 67 pump and all sorts of other consumable parts.

We found a 49 right case for dan's bike. It has had the front motor mount worked on and the really mount was shaved off, but it is a workable case and should serve his purposes well. There is also a nice 38 to 57 brake backing plate, duo glide center stand and a 39/40 oil pump in this picture.

Here is a later 46 shock that my dad picked up.

Miss Brittney Found a front fork for her 23 j race bike too. This front end is for 1919 and 1920 excelsior military bikes and sidecar bikes. They were also used on some old race bikes back in the day too. Check out the extra reinforcements on the front end. This fork is wild. I have wanted one for years, and was very happy to find one in fixable condition.

Here is the intake manifold she found and the side view of the fork. It is so cool.

If Brittney is happy, we are all happy.

my dad found an early fender in workable condition too. It has the typical extra holes and a little bit of rot, but over all it's a pretty nice usable piece.

This fender had the little bags that hung on towel hangers early on, but the owner realized that he needed bags bigger than a purse and upgraded to something with more room. I did the same thing on my 36 too haha

It is pretty common to find rot in this area, there isn't any on this fender, but it does have a huge dent in it which is pretty hard to photograph. I am in no way complaining, these fenders are 70 to 80 years old, and they all need loving in one area or another.

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