Friday, February 3, 2012

mint green hollywood 55 stuff and crooked studs

Mr. Mike delivered the sheet metal for Ed's 55 today. It is hollywood green and very nice. 55 was the only year hd offered this shade of hollywood green. They had a green in 1938 that was also called hollywood green, but it is grass green. We are doing a 38 that is painted that color. Anyways, it doesn't get any more fifties than a mint green panhead. I think the only way it would be cooler is if it made milk shakes

I had to see how chrome and different platings looked against the green, so i put the derby cover and inspection cover on the outer primary

the camera is a little messed up. Sorry about that. The inspection cover is polished stainless steel. The inspection cover on Bev's 55 is stainless too, so they must not have been just for 49s.

Miss Brittney is taking studs out of Bill's 51 cases to prep them for some welding and machining.

She told me that the studs looked crooked...

so i brought out the trusty square which confirmed Miss Brittney's precision eyeball.

It really bums me out when people play machinest and put taps or inserts in crooked. There is nothing wrong with knowing your limits. If you can't start a tap straight, ask somebody else that can to do it for you. I don't buy stocks, do dental work, paint or cut hair because I don't know how to. lol

Here is the insert coming out with the stud. This is going to be a bit of a challenge, but it is fixable.

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