Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miss brittney prepping the Chino bike for the Eiteljorg Museum in Indy

About a month or so ago we got a call asking us if we would loan the Chino bobber to the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis for six months. My dad said it was no problem. We put together the chino bobber recreation a couple years ago for a show in sturgis, It was based around my dad's 53 panhead with some dulled down parts. It had a cool superior muffler, wla bags and a 49 and 50 rear fender. We never fired the bike up in that configuration. After the show, we put the pepper red sheet metal on it and the backwards facing seat so my dad could haul Mike Lichter across the country on the cannonball run.

This was and is the perfect project for miss Brittney to take on. Here is a picture of the bike about half done.

Here she is taking off the goo gaw stuff.

She found this butterfly inside of the left tank.

Tanks are off

Here she is putting the 48 to 50 tanks on the bike. There are still a few things left to do on the project, but it should be done in about an hours worth of work. Good job Brittney.

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