Monday, May 9, 2011

site gauges are cool

We spent mothers day at the shop shooting a technical video with my friend Gina on how to install one of our oil tank site gauges. I figured I would put one on my 36, I am sure that a lot of you are cringing at the thought of drilling a couple of .25 holes into a seamless early 36 oil tank, but it really wasn't that hard, and if I ever want to go back to stock, I can just weld the holes up.

Here is a picture of Gina and all of her gear. Check out the fancy light, carl's cycle supply Gina apron, camera, and bottle of orangina. Gina rules and is a great friend and talented videographer.

Here is a picture of Brittney doing final assembly on a bunch of site gauges. Order yours now.


  1. do u have to weld thos site gauges? can they be used on gas tanks?

  2. Hello. Great stuff on your blog.In your blog header pic the knuckle lifter blocks and oil pump are painted/powder coated white right? Interesting look, is that a factory or custom thing to do from way back or just your own touch? Either way, looks cool..