Monday, May 30, 2011

motorcycles, motor bikes tall bikes and bottom ends

Here is a pic of me on my el in front of the shop. I love 61s

Brittney, my dad, ole and I went to the Art and bicycle show in Aberdeen the other day.There were three or four hundred people there, and it was a ton of fun. This is a pic of my friend Trevor on a tall bike that he built. These things are wild. I rode one for half a block yesterday, they do not have brakes and you have to climb up them like a ladder to get going.

Here is a pic of Brittney giving me a ride on her little motorized schwinn. The little 50 cc motor was pretty taxed out with my extra weight on it.

And this is Ole's 39 motor, which is coming along nicely. After this one, my dad starts on another 39, and then another! It is always neat when we end up with a batch of one year or another motor.

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