Sunday, May 29, 2011

crashbar pictures

I am not sure if I posted a picture of this or not. This is neat piece that was on the davenport banquet tables in 1988. Doc Patt's friend Alice made them and gave this one to my dad. I was not there since Iwas only three at the time. It is still a cool piece none the less.

Here is a picture of my dad dialing in a sand cast cover to counter bore it for a later pinion shaft. This is a pretty important step on 36 to 39 motors that are running a 40 and later pinion shaft.
Brittney pinstriped the crash bars on my 36 for me last night. They turned out pretty good.

It is pretty uncommon for the later 36 crash bars to be striped, but I think it looks so cool that I do not really mind. I had the correct 27 piece crash bar on my bike, but bent it and installed one of our late 36 to 40 crashbars since they are so much stronger.

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