Thursday, May 26, 2011

49 el and cement walls

I pulled the top end off of the 49 today. This bike needed to be gone over and have some odds and ends sorted out. The cylinders had been painted black at one point and time and Jerry wanted them silver. I pulled the tanks, and the top end and found some interesting things. Jobs like this always seem to turn into bigger projects as you get farther into them.

The concrete company sent out some trucks to poor our walls. These are really neat machines. I have never really been around them up close

Here is a picture of the completed work for today. All of the cement will be dry by tomorrow. and the forms can come off. It will be set up enough for a building next week! Cement is amazing stuff


  1. What's going in the building? Storage, shop, apartment? :)

  2. Hey Matt, neat post. If you like all things construction, check out my blog.


  3. Silver cylinders are tops. Too many bikes have black ones. Harley used what they called siliconized silver. What kind of paint do you guys use?