Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cool pipes and an even cooler birthday card

This birthday card showed up in the mail from my friends/ heroes Pete and Jackie Hill the other day. When I was eight I used to idolize Pete because he drag raced a knucklehead. My dad had him autograph a business card for me, and I had it tacked to a board next to my bed. When I got in my crash, they called me every week for six months to just talk and see how things were going. They are amazing people and I am a better person because I get the honor of calling both of them my friends. Check out this crazy video of Pete running his drag bike.

I finished up the brackets for all of my dual exhaust stuff last night. I should have my bike running this weekend. I found a broken gas line, and have to fix that. It was an original one that I used, and two of the ferrules broke.

This dual exhaust rear header pipe was designed for a 47 knucklehead that has the shift lever and rod pointed down. I didn't want to put later tanks on my bike, so I had to cut this relief for the shift rod. This took a bit of trial and error. It is all good now though and should work well for the summer.

I also had to lower the pipe one inch so that the muffler would match up and be the same height as the other side. I am going to run the bike a couple hundred miles on my birthday this Sunday and see if any of the brackets break, and then paint it. I have never seen another 36 with duals, it is pretty neat.


  1. Matt, When I ran tru-duals on my '40 I had the same problem. That's why I ran the nation-bilt tank bracket and trans top adapter piece. They convert it to go under and clear the left head pipe like '47.

  2. The Dr. knows all the tricks.