Wednesday, May 4, 2011

misc pictures and contest

I finished fitting up the goo gaw stuff on Jason's 65. What a bunch of work. I am sending it off for paint and chrome now. There are so many parts to these bikes it is over whelming. I am going to weigh this bike when it is done and weigh a 48 at the same time and see what the difference is. Do any of you guys know? We should start a pool. I am guessing it will be a difference of 83 pounds. Please comment below.

I need a turn signal like this. I have three out of the four. Do any of you know where I could find one

I got this nifty front brake set up in the mail today from my friend Mike Javernick. It is a dual cam springer front brake. I am going to put it on my 36 and test it out. I will keep all of yall posted.

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