Wednesday, May 25, 2011

exhaust pipes and cement work

I pulled off the front header pipe clamps on our 41 yesterday and sent them off to have a few sets made up. Let me know if you want a set. This is the correct style of clamp for 37 to 45 knuckleheads. Check out the short front flex cover. This is the correct style for 39 to 42 knuckleheads. The length of the short front flex cover is 5 inches

This is he clamp that goes around the frame. The tabs on this clamp and the one on the pipe end up being staggered. It is a smart way to engineer things with out tabs and brackets breaking because of undue pressure.

We bought a barn a few weeks ago from our Neighbor. It was built in 1948 and is pretty cool. Here is a picture of where it is going to be put.

This is a picture of the perimeter for the footings dug out

and the patterns and re bar. All of this should be done tomorrow. i will post more pictures.

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