Saturday, May 21, 2011

John's Visit

Our friend John Flew in to hang out for the weekend yesterday. We worked on his 48 panhead and rode old motorcycles all day. What a blast. John was flying from Newark to Minneapolis and sat next to some guy that was reading the new issue of HOG magazine, which happens to have our original paint 37 on the cover, He told his travel companion that he was going to see us and that we owned the bike on the cover. What a small world. It only seemed fitting to let him ride the bike and make the story that much better.

Here is a picture that my dad took of Brittney and I on the 46

We went and raced go karts at Wylie Park. John is from Jersey and had never been to a go kart track. I guess they dont have them in the north east.

Here is a pic of John the first night that he showed up with our original 46. This is the first knucklehead that he ever rode!

We spent most of friday night setting up the controls on his 48. This is a bit of a challenge, but we got them working smoothly. I will post pics of the proper routing later. 48 has a one year only throttle bracket and is kind of difficult to set up.

This is a pic of Brittney and a 41 motor that my dad finished up on Friday. He finished up a 56 motor today and is starting on another 48 motor tomorrow. Lots of cool stuff is going on.

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