Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Party

This weekend, my dad and I celebrated our birthdays together, we were both born in May, but not on the same day. We also had a Black Hills Chapter meeting and worked on planning out our September 2012 road run in the black hills. There were 40 to 50 people that stopped by through out the day and hung out. It was absolutely amazing

Here is a shot of some people loading up on food.

My friend John brought his new original paint 41 down to let me look at it and take it for a birthday spin around the country. This bike is the one that was on ebay in Washington a few months ago, and it is an amazing survivor, it is one of the rare cases where the bike actually looks better in real life than in the pictures. Thanks John, and thanks to everyone that came and hung out for our special day. I hope to see some of you guys again next year!!!


  1. Black hills RR in 12sounds good! hAPPY b-dAY to both you guys! Hows John and in particular his wife these days. Hope everyone is well. John is such a nice guy. Very nice 41. wow...
    Send me a private message or something.

  2. Happy B-Day Guys !