Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photos from the Pre War Knucklehead Rampage

A couple of years ago my dad and I organized a run all over the midwest with a group of our friends. All of the bikes except for Panhead billy's were pre war knuckleheads. We had every year represented from 1936 to 1942 except for 38. This was a ton of fun and I think that the total mileage was somewhere around 3500 miles in nine or ten days. Here is a picture of all of the bikes in front of the new harley museum. My friend Bill really rolled out the red carpet for us and let us have special parking.

Here is Art from Michigan, he was on a 41 knucklehead. I am not sure what he is sitting on. We found it in a ditch at some gas station and took turns putting it on everyones bike. It was kind of like the silly hat at a party. Art races wrs at a bunch of events and is an all around amazing guy

Left to right Debbie and Elton, Joe Gardella, Art farly, some random lady that let us stay in her basement due to all of the hotels in her town being booked up because of a poka festival, my dad, Dave Monohan, Me, my uncle Cary. A bunch of the other guys didn't want to stay in some strangers basement and went to the next town. She was really cool

And here is a great picture of my friend Stanley riding his 36 and eating an icecream cone. Stanley is one of my heros and one of the coolest people that I have ever met. Thanks for being my friend mr. stanley

another action shot of icecream and 36s

One of our stops was at Gilby's in Hudson Wisconsin. We had a great time hanging out with him and other friends. The guy in the front is Bob and he is a riding machine. He used to have the record for the oldest Harley to do an IBA run, until I beat it with my 36. Bob is a ruler.

The mysterious boat cover on my dad's 39

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