Friday, May 13, 2011

self engineering

This is the inner primary cover off of my 36. 1936 t0 1938 big twins have solid mounted inner primaries, in 1939 hd came out with the quarter inch spring bolt that was used until 1964. When I was building my bike i wanted it to be perfect, so I put the correct five sixteenths bolt in it and solid mounted the set up. Well it kind of self engineered itself into a spring mounted affair.

Here it is all welded up and spray painted with some trust self etching primer. I am going to put the spring mounts in it this time around.

OH MY!!! I finally figured out the rest of the hardware for the tail gunner lights. I spent a ton of money on the molds for casting these things up a year or two ago and stalled out on the rest of the hardware, well now I can set you up with a complete set up if you need a pair for your bike. Lens color options are blue, red, green and amber. These will be special order only, expensive and slow to fill orders, but at least they will be available. Wooo hoooo!!!!!

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  1. okay, i am ready for a set of these. they look good.