Sunday, April 3, 2011

polish bolt index! etc..

This is a crop dusting plane that is getting re skinned at the airport. This is the type of plane that I want to get some day. I guess the short length of them makes them a handful to fly, they look like so much fun though. I will have a plane by the time I am 35. I went through an old file that my dad had since the eighties. This 1932 hd brochure was in it. I had never seen it and thought it was pretty cool. Hope you guys like it. Here is the inside of the brochure. It is kind of strange that this is printed in blue and yellow since there were no blue and yellow paint options in 1932 Here is an awesome polish bolt index. I think that they have all of the different styles covered.

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  1. You would need a special rubber drill bit and tap set for some of those.