Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter madness

I have spent the weekend trying to sort out the original dash sockets on Andy's 47. I am going to just replace them. Here is a pic of Miss Brittney/ Bettie Bicycle painting some emblems for me. The tank emblems are for John's 48. She did the ones for Andy's 47 as well.

Bare tank, i have tapped out the 4-40 tank emblem mounting screw in this picture. It is the worst and most intense part of restoring a bike. Imagine turning a tap into a sideways tap with a crescent wrench above a tank that costs a grand to paint. ICK

HEre is a picture of the gasket installed. These are nos, and kind of shrink a little. I had to trim the part that goes under the emblem so that the gasket would go farther ahead.

I could not install the screw because of my gimp left arm, so my dad will have to do it in the morning. Good night guys and happy easter.


  1. Thank you for a nice blog and have a happy easter yourself!

  2. Hmm. Gimp. OMG. Whatitiz???? U should see the lepers on the sidewalk in Bangkok. Ferraris and lepers, that's Thailand. Lots of amputees hang out where the tourists stroll on Sukhumvhit, the big main drag in town. Ladies with babies beg there too, but swanky shirts are $6, Crazy place. Just thought I'd comment. I have to rehab my 91 year old mom that just had hip replacement. Should be exciting. Love your blog, Paul Venne/Apostle of Christ