Thursday, April 14, 2011

jumping through hoops while no one is watching

My dad and I set up the primaries on John's 48 this morning and I went back to pre fitting his exhaust. Panheads rear header pipes can be a real pain. This is a paughco rear header pipe. it is pretty nice, the curves are nice and graceful and over all pretty nice, it just didn't fit the way i wanted it to, the bottom of the pipe hit the kicker cover studs and was not in the right place. I decided to pie cut it and kick the pipe out. Here is where I marked it. Here is the cut. It is also important to make this clamp fit in a free spot. I took this pic to show you the gap in between the frame and the end of the clamp. This is an easy problem to remedy, you just clamp it in the vice and bend it whatever way you need too. Make sure that your one bolt is installed and tight other wise you will mess everything up. The clamps are supposed to hold everything in place and not put tension on the system. HEre is everything bolted up, I am on lunch and will go out and weld up my pie cut, dress it down and send this off for paint with the other systems. I am kind of jealous of my friends that build custom bikes and showcase their fabrication skills. Most of the fabricating and machining that goes into our bikes is to make the parts look stock.

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  1. Yes but as you see nothing is "bolt on". you and your fathers work will be looked at and admired a lot longer. A toolmaker.