Tuesday, April 26, 2011

more 36 frame pics and good news.

Here is a neat detail on the 36 frame that I noticed. It is a DIF marking. I have seen these on some loops, but not all of them. The right/upside loop does not have this marking on this frame.

Here is a good shot that shows lots of damage that is expensive and difficult to repair. You can see where the tubes snapped off and were re welded. Also check out the neat fix for the seat post, they welded a gusset tube around the cracked and disfigured original post. You can also see where someone torch welded so many joints on this frame. The motor/trans mount and the foot board tabs are pretty obvious as is all of the extra welding on the tubes.

We fired up Andy's 47 today. I side kicked it for a bit and did not have much luck. SO we rolled it off of the lift, and it fired right up once it was straddle kicked.

This bike is Choice. I can't wait to ride it when the weather gets better.

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