Monday, April 11, 2011

little bikes and 47 progress.

HEre is a picture of me and my first motorcycle. It is a 50cc honda. My dad and I rebuilt this when i was very small. This bike used to fit me like a glove, which it isn't really the case anymore. I would ride it all over my parents property. I used to take this thing apart every weekend and paint it with a different color of spray paint. My next bike was a 62 cushman highlander, then a 48 hummer, followed by a 45 FL then my 36. This is the bike that started it all. I love it and am so happy. I am working on Andy's 47 this week. It is so nice. It will be running soon. I am hooking up the front brake and fender light today. I love this bike. The June issue of Hot bike has a feature on Bob's 47 that is just like this one. Go check it out. My friend Brittney and I took a couple of friends to go pick up their car. On the way to drop them off we saw this place that does huge Styrofoam sculptures. we stopped to take some pictures and ended up talking to the dudes that make them. One of them asked if we were artists, I told him that I just work on old junk motorcycles. He replied that he had an old indian moped that he got out of the trash and that we could have it if we wanted it. So the next day we hooked up with him and got a free bike. I love it when my days are fluid and things just fall into place. Here is Brittney with her new moped and my friend Michael Prugh. He helped us load it into her car. He is a great guy and has an amazing eye for building custom bikes. He was on Biker build off a few years ago. I think that his bikes are the best, google him.

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