Tuesday, April 5, 2011

more exciting excelsior stuff

My friend sent me some more pictures of the x motor that i am getting from him. HEre is the cam cover removed and the intake cages and rocker towers. One of the intake cages has a chip in it. It will probably be easier to make a new one than repair this one. I will see when the motor shows up. Look at how beautiful the idler gears are! wow. These motors are so neat. original pistons and rings! I doubt that there will be any good 2011 rings a hundred years from now.


  1. Hi Matt, are you planning on building a Super X on this motor?
    Those Super X`s are some cool machines, light and fast for their time.

    Look forward to see more Super X posts.

    I have a 1926 which is due to be restored, http://americanmotorcyclesnorway.blogspot.com/2009/04/super-x-1926.html


  2. Those early rocker towers are rare. Mmmm. Nice. Hope you keep those pistons. Thanks, Paul

  3. I might have a spare intake cage for an early X. They are too small for the 15 and up. Send me a note if you need it.

    check those rocker towers closely. They fail at the bottom of the little pivot arm. crack and break...

  4. Matt, I have two friends that blew the tops off the front cylinders on initial start up because the sleeving job had weakened the part. Charlie Carter told me that running .006 clearance is no problem on these bikes. Bottom line is that these cylinder castings are light weight and very thin walled. Be careful.