Monday, April 4, 2011

mystery bike and knucklehead pics

Here is a neat picture of my fathers grandfather's brother back in 1918. I do not know what the bike is? Do any of you guys/Pete have an idea? HEre is a neat picture of Don's 42 foot board mat. I used nos mats on it, and they are beautiful. I am plugging away at Andy's bike. Here is a good pic of how the front brake cable should be routed. I should have this bike running soon. I cant wait.


  1. Matt, Always like your photos of the '47. Could we get a picture of the top of the dash plate to see the wiring detail? thanks.

  2. Hi Matt. It looks like an NSU from around 1910-1913. I'll have to check my books when I get home from work to double check though.

  3. the front forks are distinctive. here's a period NSU that shows some similarities to your bike. check out the monoshock rear suspension!

  4. Thankyou pete, you are the best. Hope all is well in ca, talk to you soon.
    matt Olsen