Monday, April 25, 2011

36 frame

We got this 36 frame delivered to us this morning. It needs to be completely re tubed. I have only had three of these in my possession.

It is difficult to take a saws all and cut off wheel to a frame that is worth more than i make in a year. It is all good.


  1. Hey Matt, how can you tell '36 only?

  2. Matt, My '42 frame should arrive Thursday or Friday so you can work your magic on it. How is the arm healing? I just finished Physical Therapy for my back,shoulder,& rotator muscle group. I am now doing the exercises at home. It is a slow process when your in your 60's. Thanks Tim

  3. I saw one of these sell a few years back for maybe $1500? I thought it was astronomical. You working for peanuts? Hehehhe. Great blog. Thanks, Paul