Tuesday, April 26, 2011

36 frame pictures

Ahh, more excessive welding. Here you can see where someone welded the sidecar loops to the tubes. Original frames just had one little 3/16 spot welded and then the rest was brazed on. You can also see where the front motor mount was welded on to the tubes. 36 and 37 were brazed on. I think that at one point in time some one was so frustrated with this frame that they decided to weld every available seam and extra spot that they could. This front motor mount was faced on a mill, which is something that is pretty interesting. Have any of you guys ever seen this before?

Here is the infamous 36-mid 37 neck with the large DIF hall mark and machined clearance for the tanks. This is like a piece of artwork.

Check out the lack of a reinforcement strut on the transmission mounting strap plate. This is a 36 deal. One of my friends had a factory straightened 36 frame that had the strut welded at the factory. PRetty cool stuff!!!


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  1. After pointing out the defects - you certainly have your work "cut-out" (get it ?) ... Can't wait to see the re-done frame!