Wednesday, April 13, 2011

excelsior bikes and panhead stuff.

Here is a pic of a 12 x that I saw this weekend. This bike is pretty much all real stuff. I can't wait to have mine done. IT is a ways off, well a really long ways, but life would be pretty boring with out day dreaming. This bike is stellar and very inspiring. THis is the coolest part. I love all this old linkage stuff. It is all rods, and crazy mechanical stuff. I am working on John's 48 exhaust, the rear header pipe is giving me fits. I decided to move on to fitting the primaries after fitting the front header pipe and s pipe. I have a few ideas on how to get the rear header pipe set up just right, but I want the transmission to be bolted down and in its home before I move on to setting it up. Jesse got a new batch of transmission plates yesterday. Now he just has to blast the edges, then I can weld them and parkerize them. I love making our own stuff.

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