Friday, June 26, 2009

Chino's Bike in THE WILD ONE

What a great picture!!!! When I was in Colorado earlier this month Mike lichter asked if my dad and I could build a replica of Chino's bike for his annual Sturgis Display. This is a pretty rare opportunity, and I am happy that we get to be included in the event. This years theme is "Rebel Rousers" and it is filled with iconic bikes that inspired people to get involved with motorcycling. I accepted with out even knowing what type of bike Chino had. The bike is a 49 or 50 panhead and we will build a good replica of the movie bike, it will be kind of crusty and ratty just like the bike in these pictures. Although the bike won't be a good representation of our work, I am still excited to be involved with a neat project like this. Mike is flying into South Dakota in a couple of weeks and we are going to do a tech article on turning our 53 panhead or 49 panhead into a replica of the bike. My dad and I are not sure which bike to use yet, but we will figure it out.

In this scene you can see the car shift knob, 41 to 46 speedo, and Chino's cool belt.

Notice the lack of a dash bolt, kind of a neat little detail.

The panhead that they turned into the movie bike must have been pretty decked out look at all of the holes in the top of the fender. I am not going to drill an extra 16 holes in an oem rear fender for the display. This is the one detail that I will not copy. The display will be at the buffalo chip campground all week long at this years sturgis.

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