Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ML 46 frame

Here are the original floorboard tabs that were on Mark's frame. I did this frame last winter, I just talked to Mark today and he has over 1000 miles on his bike. He says that it tracks straight and runs good. I thought I would post some pics for you guys to enjoy.

Here you can see the new tubes that were installed. It was a real hastle to get the messed up originals out of the frame.

Here you can see the new tube inside of the original sidecar loop. The hole is where the original plug weld was. Nothing has been welded in this picture.

Here you can see all of the tubes that were replaced. I never took any pics of this frame after it was finished, I didn't have a blog back when I did this. The frame was fixtured up when I welded everything together.

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