Thursday, June 25, 2009

some old pics and a new one!

This is some big piece of wood that my dad shellacked a bunch of photos on. He did it back in the seventies when he was a shitty mechanic and had a bunch of spare time lol. There are a ton of cool pics on this of mid 70s bikes in California.

Look at this vagrant, it's my dad, he is probably my age in this pic. geez get a haircut man

That hair do is party in the front and party in the back, must have been the time period.

This is a shovelhead that he built in his house, something fell on it right before he was going to fire it up and the right tank got smashed in. We still have the tank, Check out the pic below

Here is the 64 duoglide I am wiring up today, I was routing the switch to fork terminal wire and needed a gas tank, so I got this neat old dented red one off of the wall.

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