Sunday, June 14, 2009

Check out the cool stuff I got in the mail while I was on vacation!!!! Part 1!!!!

Here is a stack of 36 to 38 handlebar lock plates and lock pins. These are perfect in every detail, I just have to put them together and send them to Pat to get chrome plated. The rivets are different when compared to 39 and later plates, plus they are chrome plated steel rather than polished stainless.

Here are some intake manifold plates, I posted the blueprint for these awhile back, and I finally got the finished parts.

Here are some 39 and later handlebar lock plates, these are stainless steel, I have to send them off to get polished, these are bitchin. You can not tell these from originals. It makes me so happy to make good reproduction parts.

Here are some clips for horn buttons. we were down to 1 clip, so we made up 100 of them. we are looking into making the complete horn assembly. I will have to see how it prices out before I commit to anything. If you are interested in a perfect reproduction horn button for your bike let me know, and I will put you on the list.

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