Saturday, June 13, 2009

BB47 colorado pics

Here is a black bike with a black background. This is a pretty neat looking pic, the bike fades into the background and kind of turns into a silhouette.

Here is a pic of Mike doing his thing, this guy is a magician with a camera, he makes our hillbilly work look really nice. Thanks Mike!!

Here is a pic with the white background. The cardboard was to catch oil leaks, Mike and Steve said most of the bikes they shoot leak. I think they were probably just trying to make me feel better. lol.

This is the only bike I saw him dust, dirt really shows up on black motorcycles.

Here it is with a white background, what a bike!!!! I love 47 FLs, we probably do two of these bikes a year.


  1. THANKS Matt I love the pics just got back from rhineback, NY saw your dad, he told me about the photo shoot, we had a great time,, great job!!!!!!!!! BB47

  2. Bob,
    The trip was a whirlwind affair, I am glad that I went. The pics that I uploaded were ones that I shot with my shitty little camera, I cant wait to show you the ones that mike took. They are amazing!!!