Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1949 wiring part 1

In this pic you can see the asphalt loom that is covering the tail light and brake light wires coming out of the rear fender. I sent the o.g. chainguard to my friend Larry Medwig, so he could copy it and make some 40-57 chainguards.

Check out the asphalt loom that goes around the positive wire, and the two tail light wires.

This is a good pic of the relay wires. The circuit breaker control wire is original. It is the small diameter style, and it does NOT have a Farrel. The inner cable is sticking out the correct length.

Here is a cool pic of the switch to Gen. wires, they are in clothe woven loom. The two relay wires and the relay wire on the generator go into some more clothe woven loom. This is a great pic, take notes. Check out the jam nut on the shift pivot bolt, the way the clutch pedal spider spring is, and the lack of a washer under the front case bolt. and lack of lock washers on the gen.

Here is another great pic showing the neck and the gen. to switch wires. 49 was the only year that used two clips on the steering neck. The wiring on this bike is basically the same through 53 until hd came out with the trumpet horn.

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  1. hey matt, thanks for posting the close up pics. it's nice to see the original clips, screw heads, and other little details. great for reference!