Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1949 wiring part 2

Here is a good pic of the three wire loom that is routed beneath the return line. These three wires are in braided clothe loom not asphalt loom. Notice the press on oil sending unit cap and the silver paint on the welch plug in the cam cover

In this pic you can see the wire running through a clip and up the seat post. Notice how the Circuit breaker to Coil wire is routed.

Here is the shot that everybody needs to see. The Dash to coil terminal loom has never been removed from the bike judging from the original friction tape on the back bone. I am a little unsure about the wire loom being run outside of the triangle in the frame. I would personally run it through the triangle and into the coil terminal junction. Notice that the dash to gen. wire is taped to the downside of the frame, knuckleheads are taped to the right side. This is a great pic.

Check out how tidy everything is, the speedo light has been removed.

Whoa, you guys will thank me for these pics some day.


  1. oops, sorry guys I lied when I said that the speedo light had been removed, I am tired and made a mistake. 48 and later speedo lights are inside the speedo, I must have had my mind on knuckleheads, who would have thought lol

  2. hey matt. in pic #2, where can i find the clamp assembly that is bolted to the top motor mount which holds the carburetor control wire? also, was that clamp used on 54 models or did it change because of the jubilee horn? thanks.


  3. Matt,

    Not sure you get posts on old blogs... Excellent pictures of the pan wiring. Has been invaluable as I do my '53. It would probably be a lot of work but to complete your wiring documentation, a picture of the terminal box and terminal plate would be great. Unrelated but I can't find a picture anywhere of the brake light switch mounting and wiring...

    Thanks, Russell S.

    the1russ at wildblue dot net