Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oil tank sight guage progress

This morning I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to see some pictures of the trial run of our new oil gauges. The mold shop is having some difficulties with the center pin coming out of the mold and making a concentric hole. You can see the irregularities in these trial samples.. I know they will get it perfected. It makes me so happy to see a project like this progressing along.

Here is the revised box, I had our shop's website and my blog's address put on the box. Shameless self promotion 101, take notes.


  1. I investigated trying to adapt some industrial sight gauges to an oil tank. Not original, I know, but would be interesting. I figured that the top of the tank would have to be removed in order to fit any of the industrial versions, at a minimum a boss would have to be welded in. So, gave up on that idea.

  2. It is a lot of work changing oil tank tops. This is a way better set up, especially for you since you won the contest and get one for free. I am looking forward to hanging out in Wauseon together.